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This is the site of the Medicine Hat Blood Bowl League.
(latest update is Jan. 1 / 2022)

We are a (City of) Medicine Hat based Blood Bowl league. Situated in the South East corner of Alberta Canada.
We have been a league since 2005.

We are currently playing with 'Blood bowl living rule book 6.0' as of September 1 , 2016.

We currently run a Schedule/Challenge format. This allows for FREEDOM and STRUCTURE depending on the coaches personal schedule or desires for their team.
Each coach shall play one set match every round. (A round is typically a 2 week time frame.) Each coach is entitled to initiate a challenge match against any coach in the current league once per round. This challenge match is optional.

Coaches are encouraged to play all of their matches and challenges each season but are not strictly required to do so. The commissioner realizes that life is chaotic. Weird things happen. The commissioner is available to help you be able to play as many games as you are able to. The game is the thing. Playing Bloodbowl is the crux.

A season consists of playing for a single bloodbowl trophy (cup). Each 'blood bowl' year consists of 4 seasons. Each season is for a different trophy.

If the number of coaches warrants it, we will explore divisions.

We are a league that encourages fun and camaraderie. We like to help others and further the gaming community. We want to play bloodbowl and will make it happen.

Welcome to our site. Enjoy.

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Dec. 30th, 2021 - old news
Beer League 3.0
New Beer League has started!

Join and try out some new teams.

There is no final. Play as much as you want. Play when you want. Play who you want. Play where you want.

There is no end to this league. Just keep playing and trying out stuff.

This is a sandbox type of league.


**** IMPORTANT ***

When you are in the BEER LEAGUE
DON'T have the beer league stats added into regular standings.


in the 'match result contributes to the group standings' box , choose the option of 'NO ITS A PLAYOFF OR TRAINING MATCH'

Much thanks.

Contact commissioner Todd with any questions. Text at 403- 548-1851.
- Todd
Dec. 30th, 2021 - old news
Final for Spike 2021
Tiny wins cup
Pascal wins Gol Bol
- Todd
Oct. 16th, 2021 - old news
Playoffs for Spike 2021
Finals will be played on weekend of Dec. 18 /19. at Todd's place. Details forthcoming.
- Todd
Oct. 2nd, 2021 - old news
Schedule glitch
Weird schedule glitch.

Round 4 should start on Nov. 15/2021
Round 5 should start on Nov. 29/2021
- Todd
Oct. 2nd, 2021 - old news
Cory needs $$
Hi guys.

Cory needs money to pay for this site.

I Will let Cory explain the money he needs.
- Todd

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